Gundam P.O.D.


The latest thing in Japan arcades is the Gundam P.O.D. (panoramic optical display)

Most locations have 8 pods setup. You step inside and you get a half dome 180 degree display from top to bottom and left to right.

If you are not familar with it Gundam is about giant mech (humanoid robot like) vehicles that you climb inside of and battle with. These pods seem like they'd do a great job of simulating that. They have headphones with mic for voice chat as well as you play on teams and the pods are networked not only at the local arcade but across the net to other arcades.

Outside the pods their is a battle status display so people outside can see how the battle is going. Apparently the game is designed so it's important to co−operate with your teammates in order to do well.

They've even got acess from your cell phone to hook up with your teammates and see how they're doing.

I haven't had a chance to try it out. There is always a sign up sheet with 12+ people already signed up. There's more info here as well as a downloadable manual

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