Toro Station


The Toro Station, which was renamed as Mainichi Issho (Together Everyday) shipped for free with the PS3. It's a piece of software staring Toro from the Dokodemo Isshou series of games but this one every day there is a news update and the two cats present the news. It's real news as well.

I personally find this inspiring. I'm surprised more games haven't had something like this. Maybe they have and I missed the game? I actually submitted a design once for a game that had this kind of feature about 3 years ago, not so much reading the news but having online content, in game news, promotions and dialog downloaded regularly. Imagine playing Animal Crossing if the things the characters in your town could do and say were basically infinite and Nintendo updated them with regularly, possibly daily and possibly with timely relevance. If all the characters knew about Katarina or shared pictures from a happier event that happened recently.

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