XBox Live Privacy Issues


ArsTechinca posted this interesting comment about XBox Live privacy issues.

I don't have a 360 yet but it is an interesting question. XBox Live records which games you've played as well as how well you've done in them and a list of "medals" you've earned in each game.

Do I really want anyone to see that I was playing this? How easy would it be to forget to opt out of Live recording that I played it? Does live list music or movies I've watched? Would I ever get judged poorly for showing too much time spent on Live? Could I get denied for health insurance because my Live record says I'm a cough potato? Could I get rejected for a job because my Live record shows 200 hours spent playing GTA4 or that I got 57 brutal fatality medals? Could I be refused to be allowed to adopt because my Live record shows I played Siren which features child abuse?

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