What software do you need to make an actual game?


If you can I just need to know what software? (coding, graphics, 3d rendering etc) hardware? (PC, Mac, Playstation etc) I need to make a actual action game? like say = MK4, Doom for windows thank you much!

If you want to make a doom game (or better yet a quake game) go to www.planetquake.com and download some of the tools for editing quake levels. Of course you will need to have a copy of Quake 2.

Try http://www.planetquake.com/quake2/hosted/editing.html

As for MK4 that's a little harder as there are no good tools for do something like that. The closest would be Director which you can get at http://macromedia.com


So are you saying that all I need is Director6 to make a MK4 type of Game? (coding & all?) I do have Director6! I also understand that pic's ,backgrounds, & other art work need to be made. I have crazy graphics, 3d, pro−video, & prosound editing software. but what I'm trying to understand is, what exactly do i need?

Quick example: say I have 

1.Photoshop, Corel, etc = for pictures
2.3dfx = for 3d animation
3.borlandC++, Director6,Flash etc = for Coding
4.Provideo = for video editiing 
5.VST = for prosound(music etc)
6.A good story line

Is that than all the type of stuff I would need for making a bomb ActionGame? or is there some type of actual Game software out there?

Sorry, I thought MK4 was 2D but now I see that it's 3D

For either game you need a minimum of:

1) A programming environment. Visual C++ or Quake 1/2/3

This is to make the actual code of the game

2) A paint program. Like Photoshop or Painter

This is to make textures, icons, and glue screens

3) A sound editing program. Like Sound Forge

For sound effects

4) A 3d program. Like 3D Studio Max or Lightwave

This is to make characters and levels

If you use Quake you will need a freeware program to convert from your 3D program's files into Quake files and your paint program files into textures and your sounds into Quake sounds. There are several at planetquake.com.

You could clearly make a level in Quake that was just a simple one room arena, put 2 characters in it and re-program Quake to be a fighting game like MK4. It would take alot of work but not nearly as much as writing it from scratch using VC++.

That's it.

You don't need a music program unless you want music and even if you do want music you could just pop in your favorite movie soundtrack for the time being.

You don't need any video editing software. I don't believe MK4 has any video and I'm pretty sure neither does Quake although it might have a short intro but it's not really needed.

As for these two types of games, Quake vs MK4. It would be much easier to make a Quake like game because all you have to do is make a mod for Quake. There are lots of people doing it and there is lots of information on how to do it. For MK4 you would actually have to make pretty major modifications of Quake to allow for fighting and you'd be on your own.


Hey can I use Borland C++ 5.0 Instead?

You could use Borland C++ 5.0 except that Borland C++ is old so it doesn't have support for Windows 95 (I don't think) which means getting it to work with Direct X and other current technologies is going to be very very difficult. In fact so difficult that even an experienced programmer would have a tough time getting it all to work. VC++ 6.0 is basically up to date in that area although if you don't know how to program well I would suggest you go with the Quake option and learn to do that by reading up on what other people have done on planetquake.com


Tume, 3D Engines, stuff...
What happened to the M2?