Virgin Interactive Entertainment


The Stupidest company in the Industry.

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Actually I think I will probably never write this page.  It's been a while since I actively hated Virgin though I know there are plenty of people left to carry the torch.

If you'd like to read lots about them check out all the info at in the random blts section.

There is one comment I would like to make though.  Probably the single biggest problem at Virgin which I think was a big factor in lots of the other problems was that the boss was not a gamer in any way shape or form.  In fact he liked to brag that he had never played a video game in his life.  That means that most decisions by him and other upper management were not based on making good games but based on making money.  There's nothing wrong with making money but I'd argue that if your games suck then eventually you are not going to be able to make money.

To go to the opposite extreme.  At Microprose, at least when I was there, the boss was a gamer.  When it became close to the end of the project he would personally take home the game and play it and if he found something he thought was frustrating or no fun he would make the development staff change it.  At the time we didn't like him butting in but looking back it was far far better than the opposite at Virgin.  At Microprose you were generally guaranteed to put something out you could be proud of.

Silas Warner