The first real company I was a part of was called 'Seven' because there were Seven partners. Ultimately it didn't work out but it was very exciting at the time. We got an office in Irvine near the corner of Barranca and Jamboree which is across from the huge Marine's zeppelin hangers.

The Seven were:

Our first and only project was 'Disruptor' for the 3DO M2 system.

Here are far too many pictures of our offices.

This is Willis's side of the artist's room. As you can see he's got an interesting way of decorating.

Here's Willis's fish. Two Oscars and a Pocostamas

For a while I collected a few video game machines. Here are Kick (or Kickman) and Centipede.

Here's Willis standing next to Xevious (that belongs to Ron)

Here's five more games and Mr. Ball trying the get into the picture.

And another 4 games and Mr.Ball. Mr.Ball is a large rubber ball sturdy enough to jump and hurt yourself 😊

Here's are video game and movie collection. Most of them are mine.

Here's my office with most of my stuffed animals. We were on the 3rd floor.

The attack of my miniature figures.

Totoro and friends. If you never seen 'My Neighbor Totoro' go buy or rent it NOW! I promise you will not regret it. It's one of the best movies ever made.

Game Design Secrets of the Greggman
Silas Warner