Sending Japanese EMail from Perl


For the last few years I've helped organize a relatively large party here in Tokyo every Summer. This last summer 230 people came. We need to send e−mail to all the people we invite and you'd be surprised how hard it actually is to send email to that many people.

Some of the issues are:

The first 2 problems meant we couldn't just use Outlook and the last problem also seemed an issue no mater what software we tried.

The solution I tried was to write my own perl script to send the mail but there were oodles of problems.

So, after 3 years of using this script and running into issues and fixing those issues I think it finally works. It uses smtp which avoids the first problem. It authenticates smtp (username/password) so it fixes the second problem. And, finally, after much trial and error it appears to use a format that works all the time (jis / iso−2022−jp)

I doubt many people need something like this but if you do hopefully google brought you here and I managed to save you a few headaches

# This program sends an email in Japanese through an SMTP server
# that requires authentication.  Hopefully it does it in
# a way that no recipient will have problems receiving
# correctly. (ie, no mojibake)
# The subject is hard coded below
# The body is read from the file "msg-ja.txt"
# Both the subject and the file msg-ja.txt are expected to be in shift-jis format
# which is the default format for Windows text in Japanese mode. In other words
# if you are running Japanese Windows XP or English XP with your
# "Language for non-unicode programs" set to "Japanese" then notepad by default
# will save text in shift-jis and you can use that Japanese here
use warnings;
use strict;
use MIME::Lite;
use Email::Send;
use Encode;
use Encode::JP;
use JCode;

myaccountInfo = {
    'smtp'        => '',
    'username'    => '',
    'password'    => 'mypassword',
    'fromaddress' => '',

mymailData = {
     'subject'   => Jcode->new("????????????", 'sjis')->mime_encode,
     'body'      => encode('iso-2022-jp', decode('shiftjis', read_file("msg-ja.txt"))),
     'type'      => "text/plain; charset=\"iso-2022-jp\"",
     'encoding'  => "7bit",
     'toaddress' =>'',

myresult = send_mail(accountInfo, mailData);
print"result = result\n";

sub send_mail
    my(accountInfo, mailData) = @_;

    mysubject  = mailData->{'subject'};
    mybody     = mailData->{'body'};
    mytype     = mailData->{'type'};

    mymsg = MIME::Lite->new(
                From        => accountInfo->{'fromaddress'},
                To          => mailData->{'toaddress'},
                Subject     => mailData->{'subject'},
                Type        => mailData->{'type'},
                Encoding    => mailData->{'encoding'},
                Data        => mailData->{'body'},

    mymsgstr = msg->as_string();
    myresult = send SMTP::Auth => msgstr,

sub read_file
    myfilename = _[0];
    mydata = "";

    myresult = open(CONTENT, filename);
    if(! result)
       die("*** ERROR: can't open filename: !");
       local(/) = undef;
       data = <CONTENT>;



On thing to be aware of. As it says the above code is expected to be saved in shift−jis format. Unfortnately unless you know what you are doing if you just cut and paste the source above there's a possibility it won't get pasted in shift−jis. If you are running Window XP with your "Language for non−Unicode programs" set to Japanese then you can copy and paste into Notepad and then when you save choose the "ANSI" Encoding. That appears to work.

Note: from and to lines will also need special encoding if your are putting more than just the address in. For example if instead of "" you are using something like
"鈴木恵子<>" then you're going to need to encode those as well. I just settled for leaving those as the email address only to save frustration.

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