Programming Game AI By Example


My friends got me this book for my birthday and I gotta say it's quite possibly the best development book I've ever read.

I should probably qualify that. I've read lots of development books that are good in content and/or good in writing style but this one just does it best. Not only is Mat good at clearly explaining things and in an entertaining way but he's got great working examples, something missing from so many books. He's also got loads of diagrams and illustrations to make his points clear.

Mat goes into the details of implementing game AI for all kinds of things. Race cars, soccer players, soldiers. He goes into techniques like:

all of these with very real examples. He's even got all the examples up on the net with source to look at. Download the binaries and I'm sure you'll be sold.

All the examples in the book are in 2d. The concepts apply to 3D but adding the complications of 3D into the examples would have made them much harder to understand.

The book expects that you already know C++ and STL and are comfortable with them but otherwise it's easy reading. It's not full of crazy looking math stuff and that math you do need is covered at the beginning.

If you are at all interested in making your own games or learning more about game AI this is an awesome book to get you started.

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