I found this game,Kudos through the Indie Superstar episode 4 which I don't remember how I found.

Anyway, Kudos is a pretty creepy game. actually and at least in my current point in life it really made me think about my own life. Something I don't think any other game has ever done.

It's a game where you pick a character and then run their life. You start at age 20 and each day you get to make one choice has to how you will spend your free time. Will you go to the movies, read a book, take a class, go to a bar, party with friends. Based on what you do each day your character will have new opportunities, gain or lose friends, etc. Obviously it's over simplified and of course will reflect the creator's biases but still, it's true. What you choose to do each day does effect the rest of your life. Just a couple of choices each day over months or years make a huge different. Veg in front of the TV 6 hours every night or take a night class Tuesdays and Thrusdays. Spend your money on clothing or games every weekend or save for a something big.

I'm not saying it's the best game ever made, I'm not even going to say it's good yet as I didn't get *that* far into it but it is one of the first games the ever made me consciously reflect on my own life.

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