Now that I finally got my American PS2 I finally got to play ICO. WOW!!! Amazing!!! If you haven't seen it it's about a kid born with horns who, as all kids born with horns, is taken to this abandoned magic castle to be sacrified by being entombed alive. Except that by luck, his tomb is on shaky ground and happens to tip over and spill him out. He finds young woman who doesn't speak the same language that appears to be a prisoner in the castle, possibly also to be scarificed and he decides to help her escape. That's the premise. The game is finding your way out of this magic castle.

The castle is HUGE!!! and it's towering over the ocean a couple of 100 feet up. The castle is on a island just a couple hundred feet from a cliff lined coast. It all makes for some amazing views.

I suppose there is no one thing you can point do that makes this game better than another but just overall it works. It's extremely beautiful. It's well put together. It's not too frustrating. There were only 2 points in the game where I though I should consult a book and then I decided to just look a little harder and I found the solution. It's not too long. It took about 8 hours to finish. I don't mind long games but I suppose one thing about this game, it's not got alot of variety so at just about the time I was tired of climbing over stuff it ended. It's just so well done though that especially if you play without distractions you can get really sucked into the world of the game. There are almost no *game* issues like inventory screens or hit points or other game like things. If you haven't seen it check it out.

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