Disruptor is currently available for the Sony Playstation but once upon a time it was slated to be available for the M2. A system that is at least 3 times more powerful than the Nintendo 64. How do I know? Because I worked on that project.

I've been surprised by that lack of attention that Disruptor for the Sony Playstation has gotten. It is arguably the best single player 'doom' game available for any platform at least at the time of it's release. Almost every level has it's own art set. Compare this to Doom, Duke or Quake where it seems like almost every level looks like every other. Disruptor for the Sony Playstation uses 50,000 to 100,000 polys per level. That's 5 to 10 times more then any Quake level. Unlike Quake the level design is vastly very varied from outdoor levels to cave levels to alien ruins to your standard building corridors. Some of the levels are even organic looking like the indoor area to the Mars level. Try to do something like that in Quake? It can't handle it.

It's also disappointing that the M2 version didn't see the light of day as more and more Quake clones hit the market, none of them have come close to the technology of Disruptor. Disruptor for the M2 used millions of polys per level. In both versions the levels spool off the CD so they can be any size with nearly any level of detail.

It seems as though nobody is aware of what could be.

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