TGA Thumbnails (and viewer) for Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit

Several years ago I wrote a TGA Thumbnail plugin for Windows 2000 / XP. I skipped having a Vista machine and just recently upgraded to Windows7 64bit. I thought that now that I finally have a 64bit machine to do development on I’d try upgrading the plugin to work there.

I started researching how to do it and found out Microsoft added this subsystem they call the Windows Imaging Component. It basically lets developers make plugins to both read and / or write any image format, plug it into Windows and then any app which uses that system can start loading and/or saving those formats. The cool thing is Vista and Windows7 use it for both thumbnails AND for viewing images.

I did a little searching and someone has already written a TGA codec plugin which you can find here. FastPictureViewer WIC RAW Codec Pack. That’s awesome! Saved me the trouble. 😀

  • Daniel

    Too bad it costs money so it’s useless to 99% of the people who are looking for a free alternative. :/

  • Brian Simpson

    Also, Installing DirectX SDK (the developers package) allows TGA thumbnails and many other types. Also, is free, legitimate, and liscenced safe by Microsoft instead of some random 3rd party.

    ** Download link below **

  • Bollocks

    Not Awesome… man… stupid, it costs $14.99

  • Kol_ed

    They raised the cost too much not worth $40.00

  • Mike

    I just need .tga to view my game textures. Please update your addon for just tga’s!

    – Mike

  • Guest002

    Price is not even the biggest problem in my opinion. I bought it, because I use it quite a bit, but it started to eat up a lot of memory, after it reached about 7GB I could not control my computer anymore and the whole thing froze. I do use big PSD-files (4k) but still, cannot really recommend this