Dynamic Typing > Static Typing?

I stumbled upon this amazing video called “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Dynamic Typing for Practical Programs”

It’s about 50mins long and unfortunately vimeo has no fast playback options like youtube so I’d suggest you download it and view it in VLC then click Ctrl+ or Cmd+ to speed up

In any case he makes a very compelling argument that static typing isn’t really all that. His argument is LOOK AT THE DATA!!! Everyone has opinions. People believe static typing catches bugs. People believe static typing helps document code. People believe static typing makes IDEs work better and therefore save time, etc. BUT … those are all just beliefs not backed up by any data. He points out that so far all the studies suggest that’s not true. He claims 5 years ago he was a static type believer but after looking up the research and doing some of his own he’s convinced static typing is a net negative.

You should really watch the talk but I’ll try to sum it up here
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Stack Overflow Attribution Required

So Stack Overflow apparently requires attribution?!??

This has apparently always been the case but it came up recently because they were planning to change the license.

This made me wonder, why? Why should I attribute SO? I certainly don’t want attribution for all my time spend on Stack Overflow. Most of the stuff I look up on Stack Overflow is just the same stuff I could find on MDN or MSDN or some reference manual for some library somewhere but it’s more work to read the entire manual front to back to grok it than it is to just google it and end up getting pointed to the answer on SO.
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iPhone rant

I’m still using an iPhone. I just got a 6S+ W…T…F..!! APPLE!!
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Writing Good Documentation and Examples

I was going to start this as a rant for how bad most docs are but instead I’ll just list what I think are some best practices. I know no one will read this but what else can I do 😉
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More JavaScript vs C#/C++

I ranted before on JavaScript vs C#/C++ and for some reason I was in the mood to revisit that.

Basically the last 2 years I’ve been mostly in JavaScript land. Like most C++ programmers I hated it at first. But now I find it hard to have any desire to switch back. Of course I’ll program in whatever language I need to to do the job. C++ if I’m Unreal. C# if I’m in Unity.

But, kind of like J-Blow mentioned in his first few videos it’s frustrating every time there is busy work to do in C++ or C# that there is not when in JavaScript. To be clear he only mentioned his frustration with C++. AFAICT he has no serious experience with JavaScript. I expect he’s at stage #1 or stage #2 at best
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As fun as it is to make vertexshaderart I’m also tweaking the site

So for example, while this is probably a bad idea as it might end up costing me more money I cleaned things up a little so you embedding is nicer

This one uses the mouse. It’s based on art by paweł which is linked to below.

Figuring out how to get a good response in the visuals so far as been just a guessing game. This one mostly seemed to work once the song really gets started.

This one too

And just trying new stuff

You can see a particular person’s creations for example P_Malin has made some pretty great pieces.

For a given piece you can also see the revisions

And you can mark pieces as private if you want to work on them before letting others see.

I’m trying to figure out how to get more variety on the main page. Originally I had “popular” which was just by likes but the same few things were always at the top. I might do something like aging things so the older they are the more likes or views they need to stay at the top but at the same time I don’t want to see the main page covered with uninteresting stuff like some of mine so I’m not sure what to do there. If you have ideas comment below.

Your challenge should you decide to accept it: Given only a count that goes from 0 to N generate vertices and colors

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Too Many Dependencies

I’m using meteor to get something done and I needed to implement “likes” as in something you can click to “like” something and then that thing can display a number of likes.

There’s a package that helps with this in meteor. It’s called “socialize likeable” and it seems fine. The code is not too big. I skimmed the code to see what it was doing. Before that I had thought about different ways to implement such a feature and from reading that code helped inform my own ideas about the what was probably the right way to do things. It was doing it that way so I go to install it

It installs 9 more dependencies
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Meteor's downsides

Meteor is a really cool framework for making websites. It runs on node.js and by default it uses mongo db (you can change that). It’s a “fullstack” framework meaning it handles both the server (backend) and the client (browser).

You can install it and have their samples up in minutes. They have publishing utilities to help you get it up live on the internet either through their hosted service or through other means.

It’s got some really nice features. Code is easily shared across backend and browser. You can access data on both sides with nearly the same code. It’s got live updating of data and code. It’s really awesome!

Except … AFAIK it’s EXPENSIVE to use. Another way of putting that is it’s not for hobbies, only for serious stuff. Let me explain
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My Love / Hate Relationship with Stack Overflow

I have a kind of love hate relationship with Stack Overflow (SO).

I love that I get answers. I hate that I spend so much time writing answers and then see SO make bank from my work.

I’ve probably spent over 1000 hours writing answers on SO. Most of that time is spent writing working samples for answers. In fact was started because of answers I wrote on SO where it they seemed too long for SO.
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