More ranting on npm and the state of node libraries


All I friggen want to do is find out of a git managed project is clean, as in are their any modified files that need to be checked in or not. You’d think this would be easy. I can of course shell to git and parse stdout but here’s hoping there’s a library with more features in case I need them.

So I go looking by searching for “git”.
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The VR Workspace

I’m going to guess there’s already a zillion blog posts like this but …. here’s mine if only to record my thoughts so you can laugh at me in 3-5 years for dumb predictions.

A couple of weeks ago I go to see the Oculus DK3 Crescent Bay demo. Very very impressive. If you’ve used a DK2 (2014) it was mostly PS2 quality graphics. It still felt awesome to see things in stereoscopic 3D but Crescent Bay is somewhere at PS3 or PS4 level. On top of that it’s 90fps and has skewing meaning if your head moves left/right, up/down, back/forward that’s reflected in the simulation whereas DK2 (and Gear VR, Google Cardboard), currently only support head rotation. It makes a huge difference.
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When to find a library vs when to write code.

As a C/C++ programmer I rarely looked for libraries unless it was larger project. For example, I needed to read a BMP file or a TGA file it’s like literally less than 100 lines of code. Look up the format, write a little code, done. On the other hand if I needed to load a JPG file or PNG file those formats are far more complicated and so I’d end up finding a library.

But, now that I’m in JavaScript land there’s a bajillion tiny library for all kinds of things and it ends up making me always wonder if I should write some code myself or check for a library. This ends up often feeling like a waste of time.
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Tonde Iko, a 6 Screen 5 player game

This is what some friends and I made in October

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Idea: Curated Open Source Libraries

I have a feeling this idea is a lot like documentation. Everyone wants it but no one wants to do it.
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WebGL - Less Code, More Fun

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WebGL Anti Patterns

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Why Your Company Owns Your Outside Work

This topic comes up every few months. Someone makes something “on their own time”. The company they work for finds out and claims ownership. Everyone screams “It’s so unfair!”

No, it’s not. Here’s why.
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Something like 3 years ago I made a game called PowPow that let a bunch of players use a browser to connect to a game and use their browser as the controller. Either a desktop or a smartphone browser could be used.

Back then I thought, “You know, I should really make a library out of this” but one thing lead to another and I what do you know, 3 or more years have passed.

Well, I finally got around to it.

Check out HappyFunTimes

Minimum Viable Editor

Atom, a new text editor for programmers, just got made open source today.

It’s interesting mostly in that it’s based on browser tech. They took Chromium, paired it down to a stand alone app shell, added node.js’s libraries for accessing the file system, networking, etc, and then used it to make a text editor.

One thing that’s really cool IMO is that given it’s based on a browser you have access to ALL FEATURES OF HTML at your disposal. Where as most editors are designed to just display plain text in a single (possibly user selectable) font, a browser can display text in all kinds of fonts and styles, it can display images, it can draw dynamic images using canvas, webgl, svg, .. it can display video and play audio, etc. That’s more than any other text editor I know of. So I’m really interested to see if anyone figures out interesting ways to augment a text editor using those features.
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