How do I start making a Playstation game?

How do i start making a ps game?

like what do i need? do i need a fast computer? what kinda of programs do i need? i know i have to burn the stuff i made to a cd but how do i create the files? hey if u gimme good tips i might be good enough to join the squaresoft company when im older…


There really isn’t alot you can do with out a development system and those are $25,000.00 and up. You can get a Game Shark and then get the PC Card for it and use something like EZORAY (search for it on the web). It is possible then to make PS software but without manuals and a C compiler and/or assembler for the Playstation you’re going to be kind of out of luck. Maybe the websites that have EZORAY can point you to some documentation and tools. Usually that stuff comes with your development system. You don’t need to burn a CD using that system (at least until you’re ready to publish). We used that system at Shiny during Wild 9 development. Of course we also had all the real tools, compilers and assemblers for the real sony development systems. The programmers used the real systems and the artists and level layout people used the EZORAY systems.

You might also be able to get a Yaroze which is a playstation that Sony actually sells (used to sell?) that was for people to make games but I think it was only available in Japan. I think it cost $1500 and if it was only available in Japan then the docs would be in Japanese.

If I was you I’d make games on your PC. You just need a good 3D card and DarkBasic is probably a good way to start. Check out


  • anon_DrunkenMaster

    I heard of Yaroze. When will it be available in the U.S?

  • greggman
    I thought it already was

    Well, if not you can get PS2 Linux but either way, you’ll just have to trust me but you’d have alot more fun making a game for PC.  There are tons of samples, tons of libraries, tons of books, tons of people that can help you.  If you try to program for PS2 you get almost none of that and by the time you figure it out PS3 will be out and all your PS2 experience will be mostly worthless.

    If you want it to feel like a PS2 buy one of those adaptors that let you plug in a PS2 controller to your PC. sells them.  Click PC Stuff, Cables & Adapters.

  • it is cool

  • Ronny
    I found this and it looks interesting. It is a game developing piece of software for free from Unreal… worth looking at…

  • Now that sounds hard, I got that Yaroze you say, but d*mn it’s all raw meat! it don’t even have an installer, so how do ya know if everything is ok to start? It has some tips, here, there and over there but it’s not a guide which you can use to take off.

    I tried messing around with it, opening folders and trying to execute EXE files and I found the video, audio and image converters.

  • I don’t know much about yaroze. This site looks like they might

  • Tim

    I know that to make games for plastation, Xbox (i think) etc you need Unity. Unity is an amazing game engine. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the computers but I do know that you can spend over 10,000 pound for a computer for 3D animation.