Gundam P.O.D.

The latest thing in Japan arcades is the Gundam P.O.D. (panoramic optical display)

Most locations have 8 pods setup. You step inside and you get a half dome 180 degree display from top to bottom and left to right.

If you are not familar with it Gundam is about giant mech (humanoid robot like) vehicles that you climb inside of and battle with. These pods seem like they’d do a great job of simulating that. They have headphones with mic for voice chat as well as you play on teams and the pods are networked not only at the local arcade but across the net to other arcades.

Outside the pods their is a battle status display so people outside can see how the battle is going. Apparently the game is designed so it’s important to co-operate with your teammates in order to do well.

They’ve even got acess from your cell phone to hook up with your teammates and see how they’re doing.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out. There is always a sign up sheet with 12+ people already signed up. There’s more info here as well as a downloadable manual

  • ZeroToHero

    Do those pods rotate, vibrate etc? Or is it just a big stretched screen basically?

  • ZeroToHero

    Anyway it’s impressive. I’d like to try it out too!


    That is SWEET. What I wouldn’t give to try that out. I bet I would kick ass at it; I excel at video games… always have! 😉 lol

  • ZhaneX

    When are these things coming to North America?! I’m a canadian and a huge Gundam fan so I really want a chance to play this!

  • chinchinburabura

    I’ve played that game and its an awsome (expensive) experience! It really feels like you are in the enviroment.  The display is just a white dome and their is a projector unit behind you. you controll with your arms and legs just like a real gundam.

    you first have to by this id card sort of thing then you buy credits.

    then you wait in line.


  • HungQTran

    Is it possible to buy the POD and customize it to use with other games? Would be cool to use that as the display for my xbox360.

  • ssj2_goha
    Greatest game EVER

    I live in misawa japan and the mall near me has 4 of these setup. It is a very fun game. The pods themselves don’t move but it feels like they do when you start to play.

  • fireballtr

    Probably one of the coolest games ever, me and my friends blew a fair amount of money on it this summer when we were in japan. I hope it comes to the states (but my poor wallet might not be able to take it)

  • RZ90111

    Can you Coose diffrent Mobile Suits like the Zaku , Dom or the Gouf if so is it like Zionic Front.When is it coming to the U.S. if it’s not im packing my bags and going to Japan! 😀

  • Blank

    I have to play this !! any one know how much is it to play and when it is going to be in the U.S., if its not going to be in the U.S. im paking my bags and headding to Japan. Get ready because I was made to pilat giant mechs!  XD

  • colin

    this is awesome anybody else seen thge life size one its huge ?

  • Dunny

    knowing that the Japanese made, we can rest assured that the seat will definitely vibrate to the game and the screen, but no rotations though, not at the current interest level from the gamers (vibration is good enough!). I think the most that they will do for the “motion-feel” is the hydraulics, but that’s about as far as they want to go without blowing the budget. I really want to play with one of these one day, its like a teaser for Gundam Boot Camp ^^

  • Reminds me of a much much sexier version of the Battletech Center that used to be at North Pier in Chicago.  I guess they have ’em all over the place now:

  • CptOutrageous

    This looks awesome! I would love to try this out! How good are the graphics though? Xbox 360 kind of graphics or arcade kind of graphics?

  • Dietrich

    I was fortunate to try this in Tokyo last November and actually kicked some Japanese ass.  You get a neat little Pilot card and the multiplayer expands with servers filled with players/teams from various arcades.  I played 4 games but at $4 a piece Xo. 

    “Super Sweet!”  -Cartman

  • zachary

    well i played it it doesnt rotate but vibrate if your hit you get to be on 4 on 4 either zeon or other thing get gundoms upgrades and well its 500 yen or 5 dollars and Yes its kick ass. and ha if you haven’t played


    for anyother question

    my hotmail is

    My yahoo is

    and for pictures contact any of those

  • PhoenixHT1

    It’s an awesome game, I’ve gotten to play a bit while in Tokyo with two of my friends so I’ve figured out some of the functions. Haven’t quite worked out some of the finer tricks but I’m getting good. You start with an RGM-79, then get the RGM-79G (slightly better, machine gun and grenades), then the RGC-80 (mortar launcher, blaster) and then the RGM-79D. Well that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far, I know there’s a lot more available for both sides. Mobility upgrades and new weapons as you get points from kills and damage you caused.

    Think it might be a bit pricey to bring to the US, it’d have to be a big company type effort. Getting a network set up in various arcades even if it’s just on the East Coast. Might have to wait for someone to pick up on it.

  • Gundam game

    Yeah i played that game at the Arcade near Gyotoku my handle Was “WildD” i think i was the only Gaijin playing…couldnt understand anything that was said over the ear phones but it didnt matter I was having too much fun…the downfall is that you need to pay 800 yen for your ID card for the game and its 500 yen a game. 100yen = 1$ Cnd just about. The more you play the better options are unlocked for you. i Was good with the light Saber…lol

  • MATT
    Gundam Game

    Well i got to say this game has captivated me like no other. I find myself wasting most of my spending money on this game. Some pros and cons….. Con It cost way to much to play. 5 big ones for two rounds of 250 second games. Pro ITS SO WORTH it i live in camp zama japan and my friends always laugh at me when i play that game becasue thats all i want to do when i go out. Well to end this little essay i have to say this game is better then sex…

  • Thomas
    Gundams Win

    I’ve just recently got back from Japan and am already missing them. The graphics are good as is the sensitivity, probably as the ones I was playing in were the second gen POD, but they connect with all the otherones as well.

    they are pricey but good fun ( I personally spent 10,000 yen on them). My mates also played and the only hitch we found was japanese instructions. We could not understand these as it is all complex an englih operating system would be great, but somethings are worht the hassle. I hingly recomend you try. =D

  • pod master

    lol its already out on psp go get one and play for free.i know the pod is much cooler than just a psp but you have to pay 5 dollar for two games in the pod and free infinite games on psp

  • kthurley

    The pods now cost 400yen. Sure, you can play on PSP, just like any other game or you can cough up the cash and play something different at the arcade.

  • Where are these games located in Tokyo? I want to try it when i go to Tokyo in November.

    Please e-mail me at if you can help 🙂 Thanks

  • jay23

    ware can you buy them

  • Agree’d, would love to get my hands on one. lol

  • Alucardthe1st

    my god this is amazing how much doese this P.O.D cost please let me know

  • Adeschapell

    where are they in usa is there one

  • drako

    where can i buy it website plz 

  • josh

    In japan right now. I just tried the game. And it’s reallyyyyyy awesome lol. I think youbstart off with only 1 gundam and then u start to level up and get ms points (game point) . Its a really fun game lol. Hm… it actually vibrates. Its also 300yen to buy the card ($5) the cards are ur I.d. and then 400yen with card to play the actual game. ($6) and 500yen without card ($7). This is a realky fun game lol.

  • Sutomu Ryujin

    Bandai mostly thinks people outside japan don’t like arcades and/or gundam so the chances of getting this is very small