• Hi my names Ryan de Jesus and I am interested in making my own game studio. I read some of your articles and i was wondering if you were actually in the process of doing your own business. if not i would love to get in contact with you and discussing a business venture. funding isn’t a problem, for i have investors lined up waiting on me to create my business plan. as for the business plan it is in the works of being created with the help of people who have experience in that field. i also have lawyers and accountant at my disposal to go over everything that i need looked over. basically what i am looking for is a game director. someone who knows both the gaming and business aspect of the industry. i know you do programming and i would love for your feedback even if we don’t do business together. we can work out a contract to where you can be a consultant of sorts. I am very serious about this and would love for you to contact me at the email i have provided prior to leaving this post. if this interests you please contact me and if it doesn’t then i would like a reponse regardless so i don’t have my hopes up. thank you again and i hope to hear from you soon.

    ryan dejesus