Your challenge should you decide to accept it: Given only a count that goes from 0 to N generate vertices and colors

I'd been wanting to do this for a while. I finally got around to it. I hope the server stands up. I'm still mixed on meteor. It took a while to wrap my head around certain things but I think I mostly got it.

I really wish there was a more turnkey solution. Meteor is awesome (and I guess Rails was as well) but, while there are zillions of plugins there's still 1000 things you have to do.

I know every app is different but I feel like there's still a ways to go for pre−made solutions. Ideally I'd like to be able to make a website and start from a solution that has

1. User accounts.

Users can:

* sign in using different services * recover their password * change their password * change their email * edit their profile, * delete their account.

As far as I can tell even the best solutions only cover sign in and maybe recover

2. Dev/Stage/Production

It's usually easy to get started with dev. It's much harder to actually ship. Meteor has a deploy command but unfortunately it's only to their servers with a high price and severe restrictions

Ideally I'd like to be able to first run locally, then run in a VM locally, then run remotely on production. That takes time to set up. It looks like it will get easier with docker / containers and all the tools related because it's making all that standard. Cross my fingers

3. Deployment

I feel like most hobbyists start up a machine and hack on it. SSH in and start issuing commands. That's what 99% of all the tutorials do and it's what I did for originally.

But now I want reproducibility. I want to be able to move my entire site. Or delete the VM and bring it back up. I also want to be able to do that without losing data. That means the I need backup and restore built in. Let me rephrase that. I need AUTOMATED backup and restore built in. I bring that up because logging into wordpress and picking backup is not a solution for me. I want a command line tool I can run on my dev machine (as in my laptop) that will backup all the data to my laptop. I can then create a new VM and restore that data with another command.

Similarly I want to be able to update the site, ideally without taking the site down. Sure no one cares if I take down for maintainance but a site with other people's documents on it needs a way to push new code without taking the site down as they might be in the middle of editing.

I'd also like to be able to scale it. Multiple web servers, multiple database servers, out of the box. Don't make me guess how to do this as a noob and get it all wrong 10 times. There are tools coming for that so maybe soon that well be easy?

I also want some kind of logging built in, ideally to external services. I don't mind having to chose one but as a noob I have no idea what to log. Give me a system that already works. And I need downtime notification built in. My site crashed once already from a 3rd party library 😎 But I wouldn't have known except someone told me.

All of those things seem like they could be an out of the box solution. Maybe that solution exists and I'm just not aware of it. Of course I expect any real project will require lots of customization but start me with something that covers all this.

Well I can dream 😛

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