The Computer Spiele Museum


I got to checkout the Computer Spiele (games) Museum in Berlin. Lots of interesting stuff.

Lots of old systems on display including console, handheld, and home computers.

One thing I thought was neat. They had made these video displays each of which has a joystick. You use the stick to rotate a 3D cube. Some of the faces of the cube have video. Press the left button and the video will go fullscreen and start from the beginning. It was a neat touch to use game tech to make the display. The only drawback was there's only one set of headphones per monitor so the museum is not designed for heavy traffic. I was there on a rainy Friday and there were maybe about 15 people there so no problems but I can imagine it gets a little more crowded on weekends with family.

There was this interview with the guys that created one of the first video games.

One of this displays had this commercial for the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game system.

Another showed off this TV show called "Winky Dink and you" which is before my time. It was a TV where you're supposed to put this green cellophane or vinyl on the TV and then draw directly on the screen following the lead of the show.

Of course you had to own the Winky Dink set to draw along

They had a few classic arcade games

and lots of old games.

The museum is pretty new so they had 360/PS3 games on display as well. Definitely worth checking out of you're in Berlin.

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