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Self Documenting Names

You'd think this would be obvious but it's surprising how often I run into source code that doesn't use self documenting names. Many developers will use the shortest names possible. I'm sure plenty of my old code is this way. Some of you may have asthetic reasons for short names. I'd argue asthetics should come after logic and practicality. You're goal should be to write code fast with as few complications and bugs as possible. Code that is easy for others to understand so that they also don't get confused and run into bugs. Let me attempt to point out some examples of self documenting names and non-self documenting names and the problems they cause.

GGS Debug Library

I wrote some libraries I use during game development for debugging and allowing real time adjustment of things. They are open source in the BSD sense so if you happen to find them useful feel free to use them.

Automatically cutting out images in Photoshop

I was working on some home project the other day and I needed some images for a simple 2d game. Once I had made all the graphics in Photoshop I had to save each one to a separate file, then flatten each of those files, copy and paste it back in the original, align the flattened copy with its corresponding part in the original and then look in the info palette and write down its coordinates. Just 10 images ended up taking 45 minutes. I thought there has to be a better way. (now with Maya support)