Space Channel 5 Part 2


Space Channel 5 part 2 came out on Valentine's Day this year. I joked to my friend Jake who is on the team that made it that I was worried I would be home with Ulala, the main character for Space Channel 5 on Valentine's Day because I had no girlfriend to take out that night. Fortunately I managed to make a real date for Valentine's Day so I didn't actually have a chance to play until now.

This game is AWESOME. Of course if you don't like watching cute women playing music and doing sexy dances in front of you or musicals then I maybe this is not for you but I love it. It's even better than the first, at least so far, and I was completely addicted to the first one. So much so that I bought the soundtrack, the mix CD, made my computer desktop a shot from the game and I made 3 clocks 1, 2, 3. Two of which I sent to Sega, one for Jake and one for the art director, Miyabe-san who, according to Jake, keep in on her desk.

Playing Rez
Crying for a game