Ranking Zeldas

So I finally finished Twilight Princess. I only actually play around 3 games a year. Last November I played Gears of War and since then this is the first game I’ve played. (looking at a demo does not count) I fully enjoyed it, I love the Zelda series but, in the end I thought it was one of the weaker Zeldas. I’d probably rank them

  1. Ocarina Of Time (N64)
  2. Wind Waker (GC)
  3. Link to the Past (SNES)
  4. Links Awakening (GB)
  5. Majora’s Mask (N64)
  6. Twilight Princess (Wii/GC)
  7. The Legend of Zelda (NES)

I didn’t really get into any of the others like 4 Swords or The Minish Cap or Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

I don’t know if it was that Twilight Princess was actually not as good or if it’s a matter of me being more jaded but when it ended I felt almost nothing where as “can a game make you cry?” well, I got teared up at end of Ocarina of Time, Link to the Past and Links Awakening. I thought the feeling of the final boss on Wind Waker was probably the best. Not the actual battle but the final blow I guess. Unfortunately Wind Waker blew it for me by just ending it there. No teary eyed reuinions.

Twilight Princess had some awesome stuff in it. The fighting on horseback blew me away the first time it came up and they managed to advance the series a little more again but I just never got into caring much about any of the characters. Not that the Zelda series has ever been all that deep in story but I can’t put my finger on what was missing that made me not get into it as much as previous ones.

What’s your ranking?

  • Sadly..

    I have not really sat down and played any Zelda all the through on my own even though i own most of them [I watched my step father play through them as a child more often then not] so it would be not safe for me to rank any of them. However I can say with convidence that Link to the Past left the largest impression on me probably due to it’s music and feel. I also really enjoyed Majora’s Mask a lot since it tried something very different with the Zelda formula.

  • Arby2

    I’m not qualified to rank them. I only played the SNES version, the beginning of the N64 version, and up to turning into a wolf in Twilight Princess.

    I loved the SNES version. It had great sound and music… although funny thing, I played the Japanese version first and I liked it better than the north american release because I had to really figure out what to do, whereas in the NA version they basically just told you “go get this”, “do that” so there wasn’t much intellectual challenge to it.

    Somehow TWP does not have me going back to it. Could be my age. Guitar Hero and God of War created more of a “got to play again” feeling in me than TWP. Could be that the puzzles are too linear, lacking in information to help you get unstuck, and the “bloom” effect is over-used.

  • Zeldy

    I haven’t played them all, but yeah, although the production values in Twighlight Princess were very nice, ultimately the game seemed too easy.

    I think I like Wind Waker the best, as I love the strong art style and the map you can use to jump around and you can sail anywhere and discover little islands with little challenges.

  • Jastis
    to easy…

    Okay i gotta agree with [1] ocarina of time but 4 should be Twilight princess and to be honest the oracle of ages should be listed [7] on the list you under stand??? well i do have to say that twilight princess WAS way to easy beat it and got EVERYTHING in less then 7days playing about 6hrs a day…. And though i must say that ganondorf was insanely hard in ocarina of time he was almost harder in twilight princess. oh and Legend of Zelda oracle of ages last boss WAS 10 times harder then any other boss in any of the other games.