Sometimes a programmer gets an itch and they just have to scratch it. I'm not sure why I did these things but...

Some time ago I wrote about Audioscrobbler. Well, Two weeks ago I downloaded one of their plugins and made it so instead of sending the info about what I'm playing to them it also sends it to my website. That info is displayed partly in the left column of this site (at least for now) with a longer list here.

The last week I also hacked together something to read the local database of bookmarks and playlists from / Rhapsody which I once compared to Apple's iTunes Music Store. After it's read it gets stored here (warning: ˜2meg)

When all is said and done I have no idea why I wrote these things. There really isn't much point. I did want to be able to show some people just how much music I've listened to on Rhapsody since I'm pretty happy with it and I think people that are around a computer often would find it useful but other than that...., well, at least I learned some new tech like the Amazon Webservices API and XSLT

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