Luigi's Mansion


I finished Luigi's Mansion today. I think like I said before, it's hard to call it a platform seller but I'll give it 5 stars for creativity. At least it's not just another run and jump platform game.

I'm guessing I played 10 to 15 hours. There's just the one mansion, it's 3 floors plus a basement and a roof. It's divided into 4 "areas" where each area ends in a boss and a key to the next area. An area might consist of part of floor 3 and part of the basement for example.

It's definiately at least a much check out game. For some reason I was under the impression that it was made by an American developer but upon finishing it all the credits were for a Japanese team.

One thing Nintendo really seems to have down is making the their main characters fun to play with separate from the game. Meaning that just walking Luigi around is fun. Is moves, his sounds, his voices, and the act of vacuuming, sucking up all the dust, sucking up bedspreads or curtains or water etc. He's pretty funny saying little things like "Oh yea" and "Gotcha, ha ha" and walking around in the dark huming the theme song as he studders and shivers from fright.

Another thing Nintendo seems to be good at is making the environment fun by making it interactive. That means there is a minimum of stuff that you can't at least wiggle. You can swing chandlers, open drawers, move curtains, bedspreads, table cloths, shower curtains. You can vacuum up water from sinks, showers, toilets, mist from fridges, water plants. get fire from fireplaces. etc. I've always thought, for at least some of Nintendo's games, they make a conscious decision to do that which means that either (a) they decide to make most stuff interactive or 🍺 they decide NOT to put in stuff that is not interactive. Personally I think it's more of the later at least compaired to most teams I've been on where what goes in the game visually is kind of just left to the artists to make up as they go instead of having a larger plan that says if it goes in has to be interactive.

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