LocoRoco and I on the 1up show


Watch it here −− Episode 34 - 06/23/2006

also while I'm at it, if you are playing the Japanese LocoRoco demo vs 1.01⭐️, when you finish the game you'll see a code in the upper right hand corner. You can go to this page and use that code to download a few special music clips and PSP backgrounds.

(*) Version 1.01 is a newer release than the demo posted in April. Although nothing significant changed the codes are different so if you are not runnng version 1.01 then you'll have to re−download the demo. Version 1.01 of the demo requires PSP OS 2.71. Note that if you have wireless internet for your PSP you can automatically update to 2.71 by picking Network Update from the left most menu, top most option. Once you've updated you can also download the demo directly by going to the PSP WWW Browser, going to the PSP website and following the links.

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