iPhone rant


I'm still using an iPhone. I just got a 6S+ W...T...F..!! APPLE!!

First thing. It requires a sim to setup. You're not allowed to set it up without a sim period! Okay fine, pull out the Japanese data only sim from my 5S, put it in the 6S+, "Activation Error!"

Okay, get the USA Prepaid T−Mobile sim from my friend's phone. "Activation Error!"


So, I wait 2 days until I'm back from vacation. Get my USA T−Mobile sim. Hey, finally, I backup my 5S which takes several minutes. I restore to my 6S+ which takes 10+ mins? While I'm doing that my 5S says "Install iOS 9.2?" Yep, OK.

Back on my 6S+ 21 apps not restored!!! WTF!!! It says "App not found". Several apps I use on a regular basis that have data in them I don't want to have to manually copy.


Fine, so I spend an hour trying to figure out how to get those apps. Apple says "Plug in Device, in iTunes pick File−>Device−>Transfer Purchases. I do this with my 5S.

Then I try to restore. After 10 minutes of searching. Guess what? You can't restore to a setup device. You can only restore to a device blank device.


Fine. Settings−>General−>Reset and Erase All Content. Reboot. Plug−in to Mac. iTunes "You can not restore to this device because it's using a new version of the OS. Setup as a new device. Install the new OS. Then Reset and Erase all Data and try again"


Fine. General−>Software Update .... "Unable to Check for Update ... Try Again Later". It's been 40 minutes now. I keep getting that error. Check Safari, internet is working fine. Reboot phone. Safari can browser internet. Still getting that error


Apple − King of UX!!! >😎

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