Indie Games in 1988


Not quite but I was going through some old files and found this animation.

Back in collage days, my friend John Alvarado (now lead enginner at Inxile) and I were going to try to make our own game. I think it was called Monkey Busters. In it you played a clown. Two players could play at once. Your job was to round up the monkeys and put them back in their cage. You'd do this by going to a monkey and grabbing his arm and pulling him to the cage. You could throw out bananas which the monkeys would stop to eat to slow them down.

The monkeys could let each other loose though. If a free monkey made it to the cage in a few seconds he'd let another monkey out.

Unfortunately this is as far as we got. John worked hard to make some graphics and put this animation together by hand in DeluxePaint for the Amiga and I did nothing and that's as far as it ever got. (sorry John)

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