HTML Entities (characters)


Here's a list of "entities" as they are called by the HTML standard

   no-break space = non-breaking space, U+00A0 ISOnum
¡¡ inverted exclamation mark, U+00A1 ISOnum
¢¢ cent sign, U+00A2 ISOnum
££ pound sign, U+00A3 ISOnum
¤¤ currency sign, U+00A4 ISOnum
¥¥ yen sign = yuan sign, U+00A5 ISOnum
¦¦ broken bar = broken vertical bar, U+00A6 ISOnum
§§ section sign, U+00A7 ISOnum
¨¨ diaeresis = spacing diaeresis, U+00A8 ISOdia
©© copyright sign, U+00A9 ISOnum
ªª feminine ordinal indicator, U+00AA ISOnum
«« left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemet, U+00AB ISOnum
¬¬ not sign, U+00AC ISOnum
­­ soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen, U+00AD ISOnum
®® registered sign = registered trade mark sign, U+00AE ISOnum
¯¯ macron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbar, U+00AF ISOdia
°° degree sign, U+00B0 ISOnum
±± plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign, U+00B1 ISOnum
²² superscript two = superscript digit two = squared, U+00B2 ISOnum
³³ superscript three = superscript digit three = cubed, U+00B3 ISOnum
´´ acute accent = spacing acute, U+00B4 ISOdia
µµ micro sign, U+00B5 ISOnum
¶ pilcrow sign = paragraph sign, U+00B6 ISOnum
·· middle dot = Georgian comma = Greek middle dot, U+00B7 ISOnum
¸¸ cedilla = spacing cedilla, U+00B8 ISOdia
¹¹ superscript one = superscript digit one, U+00B9 ISOnum
ºº masculine ordinal indicator, U+00BA ISOnum
»» right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemet, U+00BB ISOnum
¼¼ vulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarter, U+00BC ISOnum
½½ vulgar fraction one half = fraction one half, U+00BD ISOnum
¾¾ vulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quarters, U+00BE ISOnum
¿¿ inverted question mark = turned question mark, U+00BF ISOnum
ÀÀ latin capital letter A with grave = latin capital letter A grave, U+00C0 ISOlat1
ÁÁ latin capital letter A with acute, U+00C1 ISOlat1
ÂÂ latin capital letter A with circumflex, U+00C2 ISOlat1
ÃÃ latin capital letter A with tilde, U+00C3 ISOlat1
ÄÄ latin capital letter A with diaeresis, U+00C4 ISOlat1
ÅÅ latin capital letter A with ring above = latin capital letter A ring, U+00C5 ISOlat1
ÆÆ latin capital letter AE = latin capital ligature AE, U+00C6 ISOlat1
ÇÇ latin capital letter C with cedilla, U+00C7 ISOlat1
ÈÈ latin capital letter E with grave, U+00C8 ISOlat1
ÉÉ latin capital letter E with acute, U+00C9 ISOlat1
ÊÊ latin capital letter E with circumflex, U+00CA ISOlat1
ËË latin capital letter E with diaeresis, U+00CB ISOlat1
ÌÌ latin capital letter I with grave, U+00CC ISOlat1
ÍÍ latin capital letter I with acute, U+00CD ISOlat1
ÎÎ latin capital letter I with circumflex, U+00CE ISOlat1
ÏÏ latin capital letter I with diaeresis, U+00CF ISOlat1
ÐÐ latin capital letter ETH, U+00D0 ISOlat1
ÑÑ latin capital letter N with tilde, U+00D1 ISOlat1
ÒÒ latin capital letter O with grave, U+00D2 ISOlat1
ÓÓ latin capital letter O with acute, U+00D3 ISOlat1
ÔÔ latin capital letter O with circumflex, U+00D4 ISOlat1
ÕÕ latin capital letter O with tilde, U+00D5 ISOlat1
ÖÖ latin capital letter O with diaeresis, U+00D6 ISOlat1
×× multiplication sign, U+00D7 ISOnum
ØØ latin capital letter O with stroke = latin capital letter O slash, U+00D8 ISOlat1
ÙÙ latin capital letter U with grave, U+00D9 ISOlat1
ÚÚ latin capital letter U with acute, U+00DA ISOlat1
ÛÛ latin capital letter U with circumflex, U+00DB ISOlat1
ÜÜ latin capital letter U with diaeresis, U+00DC ISOlat1
ÝÝ latin capital letter Y with acute, U+00DD ISOlat1
ÞÞ latin capital letter THORN, U+00DE ISOlat1
ßß latin small letter sharp s = ess-zed, U+00DF ISOlat1
àà latin small letter a with grave = latin small letter a grave, U+00E0 ISOlat1
áá latin small letter a with acute, U+00E1 ISOlat1
ââ latin small letter a with circumflex, U+00E2 ISOlat1
ãã latin small letter a with tilde, U+00E3 ISOlat1
ää latin small letter a with diaeresis, U+00E4 ISOlat1
åå latin small letter a with ring above = latin small letter a ring, U+00E5 ISOlat1
ææ latin small letter ae = latin small ligature ae, U+00E6 ISOlat1
çç latin small letter c with cedilla, U+00E7 ISOlat1
èè latin small letter e with grave, U+00E8 ISOlat1
éé latin small letter e with acute, U+00E9 ISOlat1
êê latin small letter e with circumflex, U+00EA ISOlat1
ëë latin small letter e with diaeresis, U+00EB ISOlat1
ìì latin small letter i with grave, U+00EC ISOlat1
íí latin small letter i with acute, U+00ED ISOlat1
îî latin small letter i with circumflex, U+00EE ISOlat1
ïï latin small letter i with diaeresis, U+00EF ISOlat1
ðð latin small letter eth, U+00F0 ISOlat1
ññ latin small letter n with tilde, U+00F1 ISOlat1
òò latin small letter o with grave, U+00F2 ISOlat1
óó latin small letter o with acute, U+00F3 ISOlat1
ôô latin small letter o with circumflex, U+00F4 ISOlat1
õõ latin small letter o with tilde, U+00F5 ISOlat1
öö latin small letter o with diaeresis, U+00F6 ISOlat1
÷÷ division sign, U+00F7 ISOnum
øø latin small letter o with stroke, = latin small letter o slash, U+00F8 ISOlat1
ùù latin small letter u with grave, U+00F9 ISOlat1
úú latin small letter u with acute, U+00FA ISOlat1
ûû latin small letter u with circumflex, U+00FB ISOlat1
üü latin small letter u with diaeresis, U+00FC ISOlat1
ýý latin small letter y with acute, U+00FD ISOlat1
þþ latin small letter thorn, U+00FE ISOlat1
ÿÿ latin small letter y with diaeresis, U+00FF ISOlat1
Latin Extended-B
ƒƒ latin small f with hook = function = florin, U+0192 ISOtech
ΑΑ greek capital letter alpha, U+0391
ΒΒ greek capital letter beta, U+0392
ΓΓ greek capital letter gamma, U+0393 ISOgrk3
ΔΔ greek capital letter delta, U+0394 ISOgrk3
ΕΕ greek capital letter epsilon, U+0395
ΖΖ greek capital letter zeta, U+0396
ΗΗ greek capital letter eta, U+0397
ΘΘ greek capital letter theta, U+0398 ISOgrk3
ΙΙ greek capital letter iota, U+0399
ΚΚ greek capital letter kappa, U+039A
ΛΛ greek capital letter lambda, U+039B ISOgrk3
ΜΜ greek capital letter mu, U+039C
ΝΝ greek capital letter nu, U+039D
ΞΞ greek capital letter xi, U+039E ISOgrk3
ΟΟ greek capital letter omicron, U+039F
ΠΠ greek capital letter pi, U+03A0 ISOgrk3
ΡΡ greek capital letter rho, U+03A1
 there is no Sigmaf, and no U+03A2 character either
ΣΣ greek capital letter sigma, U+03A3 ISOgrk3
ΤΤ greek capital letter tau, U+03A4
ΥΥ greek capital letter upsilon, U+03A5 ISOgrk3
ΦΦ greek capital letter phi, U+03A6 ISOgrk3
ΧΧ greek capital letter chi, U+03A7
ΨΨ greek capital letter psi, U+03A8 ISOgrk3
ΩΩ greek capital letter omega, U+03A9 ISOgrk3
αα greek small letter alpha, U+03B1 ISOgrk3
ββ greek small letter beta, U+03B2 ISOgrk3
γγ greek small letter gamma, U+03B3 ISOgrk3
δδ greek small letter delta, U+03B4 ISOgrk3
εε greek small letter epsilon, U+03B5 ISOgrk3
ζζ greek small letter zeta, U+03B6 ISOgrk3
ηη greek small letter eta, U+03B7 ISOgrk3
θθ greek small letter theta, U+03B8 ISOgrk3
ιι greek small letter iota, U+03B9 ISOgrk3
κκ greek small letter kappa, U+03BA ISOgrk3
λλ greek small letter lambda, U+03BB ISOgrk3
μμ greek small letter mu, U+03BC ISOgrk3
νν greek small letter nu, U+03BD ISOgrk3
ξξ greek small letter xi, U+03BE ISOgrk3
οο greek small letter omicron, U+03BF NEW
ππ greek small letter pi, U+03C0 ISOgrk3
ρρ greek small letter rho, U+03C1 ISOgrk3
ςς greek small letter final sigma, U+03C2 ISOgrk3
σσ greek small letter sigma, U+03C3 ISOgrk3
ττ greek small letter tau, U+03C4 ISOgrk3
υυ greek small letter upsilon, U+03C5 ISOgrk3
φφ greek small letter phi, U+03C6 ISOgrk3
χχ greek small letter chi, U+03C7 ISOgrk3
ψψ greek small letter psi, U+03C8 ISOgrk3
ωω greek small letter omega, U+03C9 ISOgrk3
ϑϑ greek small letter theta symbol, U+03D1 NEW
ϒϒ greek upsilon with hook symbol, U+03D2 NEW
ϖϖ greek pi symbol, U+03D6 ISOgrk3
General Punctuation
• bullet = black small circle, U+2022 ISOpub
 bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator, U+2219
… horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader, U+2026 ISOpub
′ prime = minutes = feet, U+2032 ISOtech
″ double prime = seconds = inches, U+2033 ISOtech
‾ overline = spacing overscore, U+203E NEW
⁄ fraction slash, U+2044 NEW
Letterlike Symbols
℘ script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p, U+2118 ISOamso
ℑ blackletter capital I = imaginary part, U+2111 ISOamso
ℜ blackletter capital R = real part symbol, U+211C ISOamso
™ trade mark sign, U+2122 ISOnum
ℵ alef symbol = first transfinite cardinal, U+2135 NEW
 alef symbol is NOT the same as hebrew letter alef, U+05D0 although the same glyph could be used to depict both characters
← leftwards arrow, U+2190 ISOnum
↑ upwards arrow, U+2191 ISOnum
→ rightwards arrow, U+2192 ISOnum
↓ downwards arrow, U+2193 ISOnum
↔ left right arrow, U+2194 ISOamsa
↵ downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage return, U+21B5 NEW
⇐ leftwards double arrow, U+21D0 ISOtech
 ISO 10646 does not say that lArr is the same as the 'is implied by' arrow but also does not have any other character for that function. So ? lArr can be used for 'is implied by' as ISOtech suggests
⇑ upwards double arrow, U+21D1 ISOamsa
⇒ rightwards double arrow, U+21D2 ISOtech
 ISO 10646 does not say this is the 'implies' character but does not have another character with this function so ? rArr can be used for 'implies' as ISOtech suggests
⇓ downwards double arrow, U+21D3 ISOamsa
⇔ left right double arrow, U+21D4 ISOamsa
Mathematical Operators
∀ for all, U+2200 ISOtech
∂ partial differential, U+2202 ISOtech
∃ there exists, U+2203 ISOtech
∅ empty set = null set = diameter, U+2205 ISOamso
∇ nabla = backward difference, U+2207 ISOtech
∈ element of, U+2208 ISOtech
∉ not an element of, U+2209 ISOtech
∋ contains as member, U+220B ISOtech
 should there be a more memorable name than 'ni'?
∏ n-ary product = product sign, U+220F ISOamsb
 prod is NOT the same character as U+03A0 'greek capital letter pi' though the same glyph might be used for both
∑ n-ary sumation, U+2211 ISOamsb
 sum is NOT the same character as U+03A3 'greek capital letter sigma' though the same glyph might be used for both
− minus sign, U+2212 ISOtech
∗ asterisk operator, U+2217 ISOtech
√ square root = radical sign, U+221A ISOtech
∝ proportional to, U+221D ISOtech
∞ infinity, U+221E ISOtech
∠ angle, U+2220 ISOamso
∧ logical and = wedge, U+2227 ISOtech
∨ logical or = vee, U+2228 ISOtech
∩ intersection = cap, U+2229 ISOtech
∪ union = cup, U+222A ISOtech
∫ integral, U+222B ISOtech
∴ therefore, U+2234 ISOtech
∼ tilde operator = varies with = similar to, U+223C ISOtech
 tilde operator is NOT the same character as the tilde, U+007E, although the same glyph might be used to represent both
≅ approximately equal to, U+2245 ISOtech
≈ almost equal to = asymptotic to, U+2248 ISOamsr
≠ not equal to, U+2260 ISOtech
≡ identical to, U+2261 ISOtech
≤ less-than or equal to, U+2264 ISOtech
≥ greater-than or equal to, U+2265 ISOtech
⊂ subset of, U+2282 ISOtech
⊃ superset of, U+2283 ISOtech
 note that nsup, 'not a superset of, U+2283' is not covered by the Symbol font encoding and is not included. Should it be, for symmetry? It is in ISOamsn
⊄ not a subset of, U+2284 ISOamsn
⊆ subset of or equal to, U+2286 ISOtech
⊇ superset of or equal to, U+2287 ISOtech
⊕ circled plus = direct sum, U+2295 ISOamsb
⊗ circled times = vector product, U+2297 ISOamsb
⊥ up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular, U+22A5 ISOtech
⋅ dot operator, U+22C5 ISOamsb
 dot operator is NOT the same character as U+00B7 middle dot
Miscellaneous Technical
⌈ left ceiling = apl upstile, U+2308 ISOamsc
⌉ right ceiling, U+2309 ISOamsc
⌊ left floor = apl downstile, U+230A ISOamsc
⌋ right floor, U+230B ISOamsc
⟨ left-pointing angle bracket = bra, U+2329 ISOtech
 lang is NOT the same character as U+003C 'less than' or U+2039 'single left-pointing angle quotation mark'
⟩ right-pointing angle bracket = ket, U+232A ISOtech
 rang is NOT the same character as U+003E 'greater than' or U+203A 'single right-pointing angle quotation mark'
Geometric Shapes
◊ lozenge, U+25CA ISOpub
Miscellaneous Symbols
♠ black spade suit, U+2660 ISOpub
 black here seems to mean filled as opposed to hollow
♣ black club suit = shamrock, U+2663 ISOpub
♥ black heart suit = valentine, U+2665 ISOpub
♦ black diamond suit, U+2666 ISOpub
"" quotation mark = APL quote, U+0022 ISOnum
&& ampersand, U+0026 ISOnum
<&lt; less-than sign, U+003C ISOnum
>&gt; greater-than sign, U+003E ISOnum
Latin Extended-A
Œ&OElig; latin capital ligature OE, U+0152 ISOlat2
œ&oelig; latin small ligature oe, U+0153 ISOlat2
 ligature is a misnomer, this is a separate character in some languages
Š&Scaron; latin capital letter S with caron, U+0160 ISOlat2
š&scaron; latin small letter s with caron, U+0161 ISOlat2
Ÿ&Yuml; latin capital letter Y with diaeresis, U+0178 ISOlat2
Spacing Modifier Letters
ˆ&circ; modifier letter circumflex accent, U+02C6 ISOpub
˜&tilde; small tilde, U+02DC ISOdia
General Punctuation
&ensp; en space, U+2002 ISOpub
&emsp; em space, U+2003 ISOpub
&thinsp; thin space, U+2009 ISOpub
&zwnj; zero width non-joiner, U+200C NEW RFC 2070
&zwj; zero width joiner, U+200D NEW RFC 2070
&lrm; left-to-right mark, U+200E NEW RFC 2070
&rlm; right-to-left mark, U+200F NEW RFC 2070
&ndash; en dash, U+2013 ISOpub
&mdash; em dash, U+2014 ISOpub
&lsquo; left single quotation mark, U+2018 ISOnum
&rsquo; right single quotation mark, U+2019 ISOnum
&sbquo; single low-9 quotation mark, U+201A NEW
&ldquo; left double quotation mark, U+201C ISOnum
&rdquo; right double quotation mark, U+201D ISOnum
&bdquo; double low-9 quotation mark, U+201E NEW
&dagger; dagger, U+2020 ISOpub
&Dagger; double dagger, U+2021 ISOpub
&permil; per mille sign, U+2030 ISOtech
&lsaquo; single left-pointing angle quotation mark, U+2039 ISO proposed
 lsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
&rsaquo; single right-pointing angle quotation mark, U+203A ISO proposed
 rsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
&euro; euro sign, U+20AC NEW
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