Got it! Naah na na naaah na!


Well, even though there were supposedly big lines in Akihabara, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro I got my Gameboy Advanced today. All the major electronics stores were sold out (Yodobashi Camera, Sakuraya, etc..) but I got the bright idea to go to some big department store figuring basically that most gamers would over look such a place. I was right! 😎 They had plenty and nobody was even looking.

First things first. The display sucks ass just like the Color Wonderswan. With no backlight, even in a brightly lit room, even in a car in the sun, it's friggin hard to see the display 😞 They should do some kind of internal mirror or make it transparent in back so you can get light from behind the unit.

I was surprised to see that there were 20 games already out. I only got the Mario game. I haven't had time to play though. It looks like they just took Mario 2, the NES game, used the SNES version and added a couple of extras. Kind of sad that they can't at least make new levels instead of just adjusting the old levels. It's also got the original Mario Bros game (from the arcade) except you can play 4 players linked.

My finals are on Friday so maybe after that.

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