Gameboy Advanced Update + Zelda


Okay, the display is not so bad. It's still not great but it's not has bad as the Color Wonderswan. There's no contrast adjust like a Gameboy though. Not sure if it needs it or not.

The carts are SMALL. Half the size of a regular Gameboy cart. Small is cool. You can carry more.

Finally, Zelda Strange Fruit Time Chapter. I'm not sure how to translate the title which is a Color Gameboy title, not a Gameboy Advanced title. (1)Looks great on this thing!!! (2) It's a NEW GAME!! Horray!! It's not the old Gameboy Zelda. At least it doesn't start the same. Of course it looks like the same engine but that's fine with me. I've only played it for 20 minutes so far. Now I have something fun to look forward too as soon as I finish my finals in two days! 😃

On the other hand I played Mario for 5 minutes and so far it's exactly Mario 2 NES with really minor stuff added (like the enemies spin when you kill them. Big wup) 😞 I didn't play very far.

Desiging a game based on existing characters
Got it! Naah na na naaah na!