Game Development Forums


I finally decided to open up a forum for discussing game development.  If you have a question about game development or you would just like to discuss something about game development please leave a message.  Also, feel free to respond to other people's questions and comments.

How do I access the forums?

Click here.  Note: even if you have registered at for leaving comments you will need to register separately to use the forums.  See below.

What are the forums for?

They are currently for discussing game development.  Anything game development related is fair game.  You want to talk technical that's fine.  I can try.  You want to ask a newbie question that's fine too. As they get more popular I will start dividing them into smaller categories.

Why do you have the forums?

Because I get too much e−mail asking how to get into the industry or how to make a game.  Instead of answering each person individually my naive hope is that people will first check if the answer is already in the forums and save me from having to answer it twice.  It is also my hope that some of my friends in the industry will help answer some of the questions.

Why can't I log in?

One possible reason is because you need to register separately to use the forum vs. registering to leave comments on the regular website pages.  I hope someday to fix that but as I don't have the time I thought it was better to make the forums available now instead of waiting until I got around to it.

What are the RULES?

Please don't be mean.  Please don't call people names.  Please do your best to be thoughtful and helpful.  And, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see if you can find the answer already there.  I don't have time to answer every question so if I get too many of the same questions I'll have no time to answer any.

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