Do I need a compiler?


Hi Gregg,

I stumbled onto your site and its great! I've been thinking about creating a computer game and I was wondering if you always need a complier? Would Html work to create a simple computer game? If its possible to create a computer game using Html or another language that doesn't need a complier can you please tell me how? All I want to do is create a couple simple computer games and eventually maybe work my way to the top like you!

Thanks Again, Morgan

You can use HTML to make a very simple game. I did that with my last girlfriend once. We made an adventure of her apartment. About the most you can do with just pure HTML though is a point and click walkthrough. If you add a little Javascript you can program a few more things. There are examples all over the net. Try or for an introduction to Javascript. You won't need a compiler for that.

You can also do games with Director or Flash but those need the Director or Flash programs which are expensive. You can download working demos at

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