Chinese is the 3rd most common Language in the USA


Did you know the most commonly used langauges in the USA? Of course English is #1 and Spanish is #2. What about 3, 4 and 5?

#3 Chinese (2 million people) #4 French (1.6 million people) #5 German (1.4 million people)

Shall we keep going. Can you guess the next 5?

#6 Tagalog (1.2 million people) #7 Vietnamiese (1 million people) #8 Italian (1 million people) #9 Korean (0.9 million people) #10 Russian (0.7 million people)

Those are taken from the 2000 census and I would be willing to bet Chinese is much higher now and French and German somewhat lower. Note, those are not population numbers. They are the number of people that speak a particular language at home. The number of people of say Chinese ancestry would be higher.

Add in Canada and French and Chinese swap places for all of North America. In Canada #1 is English, #2 French, #3 Chinese.

What languages are you including in your game?

E3 not E3
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