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Visual Studio Code Wishlist

I’m in the process of switching to or at least trying out Visual Studio Code.

I’m not familiar with every editor but I certainly know that an expandable editor is not a new thing. Emacs is as old as dirt and has been customizable since it was first created. vi has been customizable just as …

Don’t disable web security!!!

This basic question is all over stack overflow.

People ask how can they access files when developing HTML locally. They make a .HTML file, then open it in Chrome. They add a script that needs to access an image for canvas or WebGL or whatever and find they can’t. So they ask on Stack Overflow …

Isolating Devices on a Home Network

Call me paranoid but I’d really like to be able to easily isolate devices on a home network.

As it is most people have at a best a single router running a single local area network. On that network they have 1 or more computers, 1 or more tablets, 1 or more phones. Then they … and stuff

I recently made WebGL2 is backward compatible with WebGL1 which means anything you learn about WebGL1 is applicable to WebGL2 but there’s a few things that made it seem like it needed a new site.

The biggest were GLSL 3.00 ES which is an updated version of GLSL that’s not available in WebGL1. …

Meteor’s downsides

Meteor is a really cool framework for making websites. It runs on node.js and by default it uses mongo db (you can change that). It’s a “fullstack” framework meaning it handles both the server (backend) and the client (browser).

You can install it and have their samples up in minutes. They have publishing utilities to …

The VR Workspace

I’m going to guess there’s already a zillion blog posts like this but …. here’s mine if only to record my thoughts so you can laugh at me in 3-5 years for dumb predictions.

A couple of weeks ago I go to see the Oculus DK3 Crescent Bay demo. Very very impressive. If you’ve used …