Can you make games with Visual Basic 5.0?


Alan asks:

Can you make games with Visual Basic 5.0 and what's the process?  Also, Do I need 3D Studio Max for graphics?


Hi Alan

You can make games with Visual Basic 5.0. RPGs, Puzzle games, Board games and even some simulations are good ideas for VB5.0. For example Pirates (by Microprose) was written in Basic.

For graphics you need some kind of art program. The best for 2d art is probably Fractal Design Painter ( Another good program for 2D art is Photoshop ( For pre-rendered 3D (like Diablo or Donkey Kong Country or Myst) almost any 3D program will be fine. Ray Dream Designer (also at TruSpace at, Lightwave at ( and of course 3D Studio Max at Realtime 3D art is another matter. In that case you should purchase a 3D library (very expensive) or use one from a book. Most 3D libraries require you to use C++ for programming.

Making anything but the simplest game is alot of work. The easiest way to learn about all the steps would probably be to get a book. If you go to '' or '' I'm sure you can find some good books that will list all the details of making a game in Visual Basic. Also take a look at the game developer sections at, http://happypuppy.comand


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