Best Buy S.N.A.F.U.


So, I went to Best Buy today to pick up Super Mario Galaxy and they claimed it wasn't coming out till tomorrow 11/13. So I called Gamestop. They have it. I checked Nintendo's website it says 11/12. So I give this info to the robots at Best Buy hoping I don't have to drive across town to get it. Nope, their computer says 11/13 so they are not putting them out on 11/12 even though they have them. I'm curious what the story behind that is. Stupid mix up at Best Buy HQ or some other reason they are not allowed to put it out on release day. Oh well, Best Buy loses my sale. Worse for them, I was going to buy COD4 and the Ratatouille blu−ray but I'll get them all somewhere else.

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