A Call for Full Localization in U.S. Releases


Typically for most U.S. game development the team makes the English version of the game only with little to no thought about localization. After they've shipped the English version they go back and localize the game for other regions. This is a mistake in my opinion.

Wake up people! The U.S. and Canada are not a 100% English speaking countries. There are hundreds of thousands of non−English speaking Chinese in LA, SF and Vancouver. 10s of thousands of non−English speaking Koreans in LA and other places, millions of French speaking people in Canada and of course millions of non−English speaking Spanish speaking peoples all over. Why throw away these potential sales? If you are going to do the work anyway, then why not release a version with all languages in the U.S.

A few games have done this, Jak 2 and 3 both have all languages in their U.S. versions. I'm sure a few other games do but most don't.

Even if it's only a few thousand more copies you sell that still got to be worth it on top of the good will of supporting those people. In the long run you could even be saving money because if you release one version with all languages you only need to go through one test cycle vs the more common one test cycle per region. Think about it, 1 crunch instead of 3˜5 crunches.

Do the right thing!

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