• Interesting music… Poppy 🙂 I could see it getting pretty old after a few listens. I guess most music is like that, though..

    It’d be cool to read a translation of the lyrics.

  • whoa “Tetrominon ~From Russia with Blocks~” is pretty cool! reminds me of Richard D. James (at least the beginning)…

  • sammyjojo

    Hehe, that’s pretty cool stuff. I wish that I could understand them, but I dig the 8-bit music part of it.

  • buto

    you might like another band called “little computer people”.  electro-like music with c-64 like sounds XD very nice

  • susada

    soo cute. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mr Pacman (Commodore 64 band)

    heres a denver local band that uses a SX64 (portable commodore 64) as there main axe. SID gone crazy!

    there definately pretty cool live.


  • GreggFirestone

    It reminds me of another band that does something similar.  Check out http://www.minibosses.com (I think that’s correct).  It’s four guys playing tunes from all the old school games using two guitars, a bass, and drums.  They have this one song that goes from the beginning of MegaMan II from start screen, to choosing a boss, a few stage songs and then the Skull castle and end music!