My friend 6955 pointed out this very cool band that bases all their music on like 8bit video game music. They are called YMCK and you can check out some of their music on their website.

  • wulong

    Interesting music… Poppy :) I could see it getting pretty old after a few listens. I guess most music is like that, though..

    It’d be cool to read a translation of the lyrics.

  • wulong

    whoa “Tetrominon ~From Russia with Blocks~” is pretty cool! reminds me of Richard D. James (at least the beginning)…

  • sammyjojo

    Hehe, that’s pretty cool stuff. I wish that I could understand them, but I dig the 8-bit music part of it.

  • buto

    you might like another band called “little computer people”.  electro-like music with c-64 like sounds XD very nice

  • susada

    soo cute. Thanks for sharing.

  • MichaelTMayers
    Mr Pacman (Commodore 64 band)

    heres a denver local band that uses a SX64 (portable commodore 64) as there main axe. SID gone crazy!

    there definately pretty cool live.

  • GreggFirestone

    It reminds me of another band that does something similar.  Check out (I think that’s correct).  It’s four guys playing tunes from all the old school games using two guitars, a bass, and drums.  They have this one song that goes from the beginning of MegaMan II from start screen, to choosing a boss, a few stage songs and then the Skull castle and end music!