• wow, brief.exe flashback!

    I’m no DHTML guru, but the sequencing of:

    image.src = url;
    image.onload = callback;

    gives me the willies : )

    Recently I’ve been getting back into active mode again after laying out for several years and was happy to remember that you are the WebGL go-to guy! (I used to add random comments here a while back).

    Getting into it, I see WebGL is the OOP-wrapper that Apple should have put together in the 1997-2000 period, instead of their thin pass-through of the Conix code. There’s a story there, sigh.

    I think WebGL is going to get big mindshare this year as several important pieces are falling into place. Underneath it, we’ve got more mature rendering stacks and more market penetration of non-sucky GPUs. Bigger LCDs, too : )

    And above WebGL we’ve got better tooling. One of my biggest frustrations working in Unity3D was the dodgy debug cycle. Man that sucked. Micros~1 had a good thing going in the IDE area with their XNA/VS Express combo, but they actually killed it last year! Inconceivable! I’m still in denial/anger over that.

    I assume Google and others are working on capable IDEs for Dart and whatnot, but I’m really digging TypeScript’s approach, and thanks to an IE browser extension from Russia (!) I can debug my code in VS (F5, F10, shift-F11 FTW!)


    the beauty of this is that while I have to boot into goofy Windows 8, I can code in Visual Studio and deploy the content to Android, Mac, and iOS (the latter via Ejecta which recently added WebGL support).

    Everything’s really coming together now! Back in 1996 I was doing PowerVR coding on a 200Mhz PPro. PVR taking over the world has certainly surprised me, but it was a cool design back in the day.