Random GDC 2013 Links

Outracks: Makes some “program CPU and GPU in the same language” thing http://outracks.com/

Dys4ia: A game about one person’s transgender experience http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/591565

Kentucky Route Zero: An adventure game with a unique style http://kentuckyroutezero.com/

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: is a 2-player co-op micro-platformer set inside a pink Death Star locked in battle with hordes of space baddies http://www.asteroidbase.com/dangerous-spacetime/

Knights of Pen and Paper: Is meta RPG. You play a group of friends playing an RPG http://beholdstudios.com.br/knights-of-pen-paper/

Sandboxr: Print your own figurines http://www.sandboxr.com/

Giga Tokyo Toy Box: A manga about making video games. https://www.google.com/search?q=giga+tokyo+toy+box

140: A platformer synced to music http://game140.com/ (video)

Intrusion 2: A Contra style 2D game with lots of cool segmented sprite animation http://www.intrusion2.com/

Liquid Sketch: A game using fluids. Not sure how it plays. There are lots of other fluid games but it looks interesting. http://www.liquidsketch.com/

Zineth: A skating game. Mostly impressive as it was made an a few months by students http://arcanekids.com/

Let’s Debate Coding Style

This might be somewhat of rant but what the hell. Let’s discuss coding style. We each probably have our personal preferences. Tabs, Spaces, 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, tabs set to 4, braces on lines by themselves or not, etc, etc. Until I started working at my present company I’ve never in 25 years worked at a company that had any real official coding style and things worked mostly fine. There might have been some un-official style or informal discussions but mostly people just did their own thing at it worked.

At my present company though they have a STRICT with a capital S style guide. I’m mixed on it. On the one hand it’s nice to agree on a style. On the other hand, I hate Hate HATE some of their decisions. (more…)