Assembly 2013

I decided to go to Helsinki to attend Assembly 2013. I was kind of mixed on it as I’m a little burnt out but some friends told me I had to go see Finland and with their encouragement I went.

Since I was there alone I didn’t stay for the entire event. Apparently most people go with friends and stay all 4 days which includes sleeping at the arena in your own sleeping bag all 3 nights. They have showers. I just went the first day to see what it was like and then came back the night of the 3rd day to see most of the competitions. (more…)

Android vs iOS Game Myths

I was hoping Chris Pruett would post a version of his talk, “Fact and Fiction: Lessons From Wind-Up Knight and Rise Of The Blobs” but he has not done so yet. The talk is available on the GDC Vault so if you attended GDC you can watch it there. It’s only 23 minutes.

In it he attempted to break some common myths about iOS vs Android games. Of course this is just his experience but he made the point that most of the myths of iOS vs Android are not backed up by any data so he brought all his data.

I’m kind of hoping if I post this he’ll feel compelled to post a version of his talk in his own words instead of mine. Hey Chris. Post your talk! In the meantime here’s my summary of his talk (more…)

Random GDC 2013 Links

Outracks: Makes some “program CPU and GPU in the same language” thing

Dys4ia: A game about one person’s transgender experience

Kentucky Route Zero: An adventure game with a unique style

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: is a 2-player co-op micro-platformer set inside a pink Death Star locked in battle with hordes of space baddies

Knights of Pen and Paper: Is meta RPG. You play a group of friends playing an RPG

Sandboxr: Print your own figurines

Giga Tokyo Toy Box: A manga about making video games.

140: A platformer synced to music (video)

Intrusion 2: A Contra style 2D game with lots of cool segmented sprite animation

Liquid Sketch: A game using fluids. Not sure how it plays. There are lots of other fluid games but it looks interesting.

Zineth: A skating game. Mostly impressive as it was made an a few months by students