Let’s Debate Coding Style

This might be somewhat of rant but what the hell. Let’s discuss coding style. We each probably have our personal preferences. Tabs, Spaces, 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, tabs set to 4, braces on lines by themselves or not, etc, etc. Until I started working at my present company I’ve never in 25 years worked at a company that had any real official coding style and things worked mostly fine. There might have been some un-official style or informal discussions but mostly people just did their own thing at it worked.

At my present company though they have a STRICT with a capital S style guide. I’m mixed on it. On the one hand it’s nice to agree on a style. On the other hand, I hate Hate HATE some of their decisions. (more…)

Why Apple needs to open up iOS

I understand the positive arguments for keeping so many things about iOS closed. Examples: It provides a more consistant user experience. It lets Apple control more of the over all quality. Etc.. I also understand some of the negative arguments for keeping it closed. Apple makes money on the app store and media sales so why would they let a different bookstore, music store or app store in.

But I think there’s a bigger picture argument. It goes something like this (more…)