Atari 800 in store demo

When I was in high school the Atari 800 had just come out. Back then this demo was the most inspiring thing ever! I would look at this demo and think computers were going to change the world. How I could imagine all that from this demo is hard to fathom I guess but I did.
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LocoRoco Book and CD

A LocoRoco guide book came out a few days ago here in Japan.

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Computer Geek circa 1984

Dorm Room Panorama from 1984
What a geek!

random stuff to notice:

  • Awesome 1mhz 64k computers with 160k 5.25 inch floppy drives
  • Evans & Sutherland calendar
  • “Creative Computing” and “Compute” magazines
  • 45s
  • D&D figures
  • Awesome 9inch color monitor, um I mean TV tuned to channel 3
  • Hayes 1200baud modem (or was it 300?)
  • Dot matrix printer with fan fold paper
  • Michael Jackson “Thriller” Album

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Frets On Fire

I was checking out the results from Assembly 2006 and I noticed they now have an game competition as in who created the best game. The #1 game this year was Frets On Fire and it’s pretty awesome.
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I found this game,Kudos through the Indie Superstar episode 4 which I don’t remember how I found.

Anyway, Kudos is a pretty creepy game. actually and at least in my current point in life it really made me think about my own life. Something I don’t think any other game has ever done.

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Japan’s Affection for LocoRoco

LocoRoco At Position #2

Kotaku posted an article entitled “Japan Hates LocoRoco” where they claim LocoRoco did so bad that it’s been marked down to 1980yen (about $17) and thrown in the bargin bin.

Unfortunately Kotaku didn’t check their facts. The picture shown on their website is from an opening day sale of a new electronics store in which everything in the store was marked down. Nothing to do with Japan’s affection for LocoRoco or any bargin bins.

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Who Sings the LocoRoco Song

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Free Video Game Demos Destroy the Industry?

Both XBox 360 and now finally PSP (and soon the PS3 and maybe even the Wii) allow for downloadable demos. I love them. It’s great. I get to try many games I would never have tried for free! As a player, what could be better?

But….I wonder, is this helping the industry or hurting it? (or just changing it?). I’m finding for the most part once I’ve played the demo I don’t need the game and I believe though I can’t prove that some of these games I might have bought if I didn’t have the demo.

Some examples:

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Sony, the leader in Indie Console Game Dev Support.

Did you know there is an outlet for indie games on consoles. Did you know it’s NOT XBLA, it’s Sony Playstation and has been since 1995.

I guess I missed this story. I remember hearing about the “Yarouze” in the PS1 days but either I didn’t read the reports in detail or else they were reported wrong in the western press. What I remember hearing was you could get a special PS1 for game development but otherwise there was no point. But, it turns out it was not just for hobbists, it was to find new games for Sony to publish.

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Japanese LocoRoco Wiki

Some fans created a Japanese LocoRoco Wiki. I don’t know if there is an English Wiki anywhere yet. For those playing the game and trying to find items for the Loco House or Loco Editor the Japanese LocoRoco Wiki includes a per world list of what items can be found in each stage and what pieces can be found in the mini games. It’s not complete yet but it is a place to start.

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