• Timon
    Be nice…

    You know, that’s not a very nice thing to do. Have you actually played the game at all? Yeesh.

    — Timon —

  • Yes, I have

    I played the game all the way through.  After I finished I wanted to earn the Rip You Another One or whatever it was called but it was too much money.  I went back and got all the parts I missed and I also tried to collect a few of the golden weapons but after a few the prices got too high so I stopped.

    It was a very beautiful and very well made basic platformer.  There were some issues.  No boss music making the bosses seem very boring.  Almost like they ran out of time.  The writing was pretty bad.  Also, I wished it was more innovative in gameplay but then I’ve probably played too many games and the average kid wouldn’t be so jaded.  Still, I’ll most likely play R&C 2 when it comes out in November. 🙂

    As for the stuff above, I just thought it was funny.  I had never heard of Munchie and when a friend showed me the cover it looked just like Ratchet to me.

  • Django
    Hate to say it but…

    MUNCHIE is a sequel to the film MUNCHIES. Usually a series starts with the singular and then moves onto the plural, but not in low-budgetdom. I had the misfortune of seeing Harvey Korman in MUNCHIES on cable many, many years back. I think the producers wanted to cash in on the GREMLINS thing.





  • CaptainCarpet

    For those of you who don’t know, Greg used to work at our sister/distant cousin company, Naughy Mutt, so I’m sure sure he’s not being mean.

  • senior hatwarmer, and gastro-intestinal flatworm analyst

    I still don’t see the picture. Am I supposed to cross my eyes or something? I hate these things!