GDC 2011 Report

Here are some notes from attending GDC 2011.…

TGA Thumbnails (and viewer) for Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit

Several years ago I wrote a TGA Thumbnail plugin for Windows 2000 / XP. I skipped having a Vista machine and just recently upgraded to Windows7 64bit. I thought that now that I finally have a 64bit machine to do development on I’d try upgrading the plugin to work there.

I started researching how to …

O3D Presentation at Google I/O 2009

I gave a presentation at Google I/O about O3D. In it I show getting started creating a small game in about 20 minutes.

(the sound cuts out for 30 seconds at 16:48)…

Video Games in Legos

I was searching for photos on flickr and I stumbled on these images by some guy who goes by the name of Skinny Coder

Russell’s Quarterly.

Tom Russel is writing a quarterly magazine about video games. The first issue, available here, is 74 pages long, 28 of which are about M.C.Kids.

Magic Highway

I have SOOO wanted to find this short animation for YEARS!!

Best Buy S.N.A.F.U.

So, I went to Best Buy today to pick up Super Mario Galaxy and they claimed it wasn’t coming out till tomorrow 11/13. So I called Gamestop. They have it. I checked Nintendo’s website it says 11/12. So I give this info to the robots at Best Buy hoping I don’t have to drive across …

An Open Letter to EA – Open Source EASTL!

I was recently made aware of something really great. A version of the C++ Standard Template Library that has been modified and redesigned to deal with the issues of game development. It was created by EA and is called the EASTL (Electronic Arts Standard Template Library)

Dear Electronic Arts,

Please make the EASTL open source …

Definition of a Super Computer – 1984

Wow! My cell phone has 128meg of ram. I guess it doesn’t have 4 processors. It’s hard to imagine that something so cool as a Cray-XMP only has a fraction of the processing power of first gen XBox (a 700mhz Pentium).…

Don’t get mugged at GDC

2 years ago 4 of my friends at Sega got mugged the day they arrived in San Francisco for the Game Devlepers Conference. One of them got a broken tooth and a concussion.

I don’t know San Francisco that well but in the interest of trying to prevent something like that happening again here’s a …

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